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Whether you're a small business, a big organization, or a huge association, we'll customize our presentation for your audience, industry, and time line.

Not only have we created results for our very own businesses over the years, we continually test and measure what works, and love sharing the results!

We also do webinars, workshops, educational series, and breakout sessions. Let us know how we can help you!


"Charly and Jason - It's inspiring talking and listening to both of you, I've got a mind full of goals that I will shortly make reality. I look forward in keeping in touch and gaining two great lifelong friends."

- Jorge A., Business Owner

"That was a great class yesterday at the CCAR! Thank you for all the good information. I was up until midnight last night checking out the web sites and other info you gave us."

- Margie Birch, Realtor (r), Florida

"WOW is all I can say! Thank You Jason Evers, and Charly Caldwell II, Best of the Best in Albany NY." 

- Jeff Byrnes

"Jason and Charly were a fantastic way to kick of the convention - very informative and entertaining!"

- Alan Burton, Chairman of IWCA

"Thank you very much for your superb presentation this morning. You really know your stuff! And you're darned good at getting your point across. I learned a lot, and look forward to implementing many things that you mentioned."

- David Dodge, Real Estate Professional

"Charly Caldwell II and Jason Evers are a powerhouse duo!  These guys really help people take their business to the next level and beyond."

- Thad Eckhoff, Business Owner

"You guys have taught me so much! I love everything about the way you run a business!"

- Bobbi Jo, Small Business Owner

"Charly and Jason - It's inspiring talking and listening to both of you, I've got a mind full of goals that I will shortly make reality. I look forward in keeping in touch and gaining two great lifelong friends."

- Jorge A., Business Owner

"You did a wonderful job of presenting, what could be difficult to understand information, extremely well.  Your calm warm demeanor is captivating and endearing.  Wow, how about that statement?  I think I even impressed myself with that one.  Thanks for your friendship."

- Lee Knapp, Sales Trainer, Speaker & Author

"I just wanted to thank you guys for the amazing Social Media Workshop this morning. You shed a ton of light on some of my problems with internet marketing, and I plan in incorporating these tips on the websites I deal with daily."

- Brandon I., Internet Marketing Manager

"I have been to several social media seminars since meeting you at the Hilton Naples. You are by far the best, most knowledgeable and not got an ego to go with it all!!!!"

- Paige S., Special Events Manager

"I can’t begin to tell you how much I appreciated meeting you yesterday and having the opportunity to hear your presentation.  I certainly learned a great deal about using the Internet as a tool for creating new business.  You certainly have a great deal of knowledge and truly an inspiring way of presenting that knowledge."

- Richard G., Marketing Professional

"Your class on Saturday Morning, Creating Business now Using the Power of the Internet, had me so focused - I think you could have spoke for hours!" 

- Jeff Byrne, Roof Renew of Michigan

"Man you really can put on a show.  May I suggest a smoke machine and lasers next time?  I'll bring a lighter.  No seriously the knowledge you are providing is incredibly valuable and really not that complicated once your audience is able to get their heads wrapped around it."

- Stephen G., Videographer

"Charly & Jason took this year's PW Seminar to the next level - very professional!" 

- Will Ward

"Charly approaches the often nerve racking and complicated topic of Internet marketing as if he's taking you on a smooth Sunday sail in the harbor…  Loved it!" - Russ Heitman 

"Charly, I attended your Seminar at the Cape Coral Association of REALTORS(r) on Tuesday. Great class and I really learned a lot from you."

- Frank Glaab, Real Estate Professional, Florida

About Jason & Charly

Peace, love, and happiness!

That's what we're about!  We love our families, friends, and are extremely passionate about paying it forward by helping people exceed their potential in life, and in business. 

We're very serious about having fun, working hard, and enjoying every minute of it. ;)  We've both run our own businesses for almost 20 years, and are out there doing the very ideas and concepts we present - testing and measuring along the way.

A few years ago a great friend of ours, Lee Knapp, introduced us after meeting Charly at a networking event saying "Wow!  You have GOT to meet Jason, you both have the same values, views and approach to life and business!"

As they say - the rest is history...

Whether you're a small organization, a big company, or a huge association - we'll customize our presentation for your audience, industry and time line.

Don't be afraid to contact us about anything you're up to, there are almost always ways we can help you or direct you.


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