Peace, love, and happiness!

That's what we're about!  We love our families, friends, and are extremely passionate about paying it forward by helping people exceed their potential in life, and in business. 

We're very serious about having fun, working hard, and enjoying every minute of it. ;)  We've both run our own businesses for almost 20 years, and are out there doing the very ideas and concepts we present - testing and measuring along the way.

A few years ago a great friend of ours, Lee Knapp, introduced us after meeting Charly at a networking event saying "Wow!  You have GOT to meet Jason, you both have the same values, views and approach to life and business!"

As they say - the rest is history...

Whether you're a small organization, a big company, or a huge association - we'll customize our presentation for your audience, industry and time line.

Don't be afraid to contact us about anything you're up to, there are almost always ways we can help you or direct you.

"Charly Caldwell II and Jason Evers are a powerhouse duo.  Jason helps attendees unlock the tremendous potential of local networking, even with direct competitors.  His moving examples will sway even the most cynical business owner.  Charly uses his vast expertise in the online world to guide business owners through the often confusing maze of social media and online networking.  Between the two of them these speakers will help the attendees of any event they speak at take their business to the next level and beyond."

Thad Eckhoff
Apex Service

Jason Evers

I remember it like it was yesterday...

It was a beautiful, fall Florida Saturday, I was at the top of my 32 foot ladder, cleaning windows, and I received the call. 

The caller said:

"Jay, I think it's time you stop working IN your business, and start working ON your business."

For whatever reason, at that moment, the message really connected with me.

The caller was my dad.

Over the years, my dad played an even bigger role in helping me realize the importance of testing and measuring.

Also, ever since I can remember, I've always wanted to make people laugh - as I've grown older I've come to realize entertaining and helping people is my passion. 

Thank you, dad, for giving me the push to make my passion a reality...

Here's Jason's formal bio:

Jason Evers is the Founder & CEO of Coastline Window Cleaning founded in Fort Myers, Florida in 1993.

With the commitment to listening to his customers, and exceeding their expectations, Coastline has grown from a small one-man operation to one of the leading commercial and residential cleaning companies in Southwest Florida.

After Hurricane Charlie hit Southwest Florida in 2004 - the area was inundated with bad contractors, seeing the need for a change, Jason founded the Quality Service Pros a first of it’s kind website geared to educate and protect home and business owners from hiring unlicensed and uninsured contractors.  Quality Service Pros currently covers several cities in the Southwest Florida with plans of expansion.

Jason’s goal is to protect homeowners all around the country.

Some of his career highlights include, being featured in several service trade industry magazines, speaking on the topics “The Ideal Company Image” “Wowing The Customer” “Incentive Programs That Work”. In 2009 Jason was interviewed on Wink TV for his efforts on protecting homeowners.

Charly Caldwell II

My grandparents, Bob & Bernice, played a huge role in my life, showing me the how to help, educate and empower people through genuine and unconditional love.

When I was 8, Gramps gave me what was the probably the wisest advice ever:

"You'd better learn to type, boy!"

And that's just what I did... 

A few years later, I saved my money and with the help of my parents, bought my very first computer - a Commodore 64.  (Thank you Mom & Dad!)

Little did I know at that time, that my grandparents genuine love for helping people - along with my continuing passion for technology - would meet and I'd be able to make a living helping people make the most of technology! :)

I've never told anyone this (until now), but just before each and every presentation I give, I say:

"Thank you, Gramps & Gramms, this is for you..."

Here's Charly's formal bio:

Charly Caldwell II is Founder & CEO of Internet Services Group of Florida, LLC founded in Fort Myers, Florida in 2002.

With two teams, one dedicated to Web Development, and one dedicated to Internet Marketing, ISG has been able to not only help people create a solid online foundation, but use all forms of New Media to reach their online goals - testing & measuring everything along the way.

Charly's extremely passionate about helping you achieve your goals in business and in life.  

Prior to ISG, he was Founder, President & CEO of Internet Services of Michigan, Inc., which was acquired on October 10, 2000, giving him the opportunity to retire at the age of 29.

Some of his career highlights include being featured in Success Magazine's "Passion in the Workplace" segment, hosting the rock group KISS's very first web site - KISSOnline.net, and since 1997, hosting Broadway & Rock Star, Sebastian Bach's web site.